We are insurance in-network enrollment and credentialing experts for healthcare providers. Sunlife Solutions understands the frustrating but this necessary process of health insurance in-network enrollment required of all healthcare providers in order to run a financially healthy practice, or setting up a new practice. As a participating provider in all insurance company’s preferred networks, you will have the opportunity to grow your practice and expand your patient base. But as important as the health insurance enrollment process are, they are also time-consuming, redundant, and can take a long time to finish, especially if any mistakes are made along the way.

Medicare provider enrollment is particularly complex when it comes to knowing the correct form(s) to submit or whether to use PECOS for an on-line application. And what is CAQH? Is that needed too? While you could process your own paperwork or try to hire a staff member who is familiar with health insurance enrollment, save yourself time, money, and headaches by partnering with Sunlife Solutions professional service. Our service experts at Sunlife Solutions become part of your staff, your own in-house credentialing department, enabling you to focus on your patients rather than worrying about paperwork and deadlines.

At SS, our credentialing service experts know the health insurance enrollment and credentialing process requirements , making us highly effective and efficient, ensuring enrollment is correct to expedite completion. We also provide on-going credentialing process services to keep you in-network with updated fee schedules with all the insurers and with your staff with: tracking deadlines, expiration and renewal dates, and all your re-credentialing requirements. You will have access to our online web portal where you can view the progress of your credentialing and contracting in real time.