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The comments about Our Services: Leave comments about our services in this section. The opinion about our clients is important to improve our attention and always have the best option for your needs. We are working so that our services are optimally structured in such a way that we obtain the expected results with each one. When Your Practice Succeeds, we all Succeed.

Healthcare revenue services aims to understand the client, take care , help, answer questions, guide, train. The important is that the client to achieve success, this success means tranquility for the client. It also means growth, recognition, optimization, saving money, improving cash flow, improving patient satisfaction, ensuring billing compliance, trained personnel, expert staff.

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  • Joe Castranova and his team helped me turn my practice around a year ago. His knowledge and passion for his business is contagious. I highly recommend him and his team.Dr. Zambrano

    • Thank you Dr. Zambrano for your kind words, but we are only doing our job as promised to you. You are an amazing doctor and you have an amazing practice. We at HRS look forward to a very long fruitful relationship.

  • I have known HRS for a short time but I am convinced that they are true professionals that have a real knowledge of each an every aspect of our revenue cycle and EHR. They do assist in the painful conversion with sensitivity and availability. They do understand the doctor’s side. Time will tell if they are what I believe now to be the best company out there in our field.

  • I am a Pediatrician in Wintwer Park Fl. I recently signed up with this billing company called HRS. For the last year and a half I had gone through three different billiing companies, who all messed up my billing. Finally I have found the perfect company. They have been so great in helping me clear up my account. They are awesome and very professional. The staff is very deligent and experienced. They have increased my revenue very quickly. Thank you to all the satff at HRS. Good job I will be recommending your office to my physician friends.

  • I am a Podiatrist and I have been outsourcing my medical billing for 10 years. I am so at ease knowing that my medical billing is handled in the highest level of accuracy and efficiency. HRS strives on treating there clients with the highest level of professionalism. Keep up the great work HRS!

  • I am extremely happy with your service and knowledgeable staff. My practice has benefited greatly by the speed in which claims are filed and the increase in revenue and savings. The billers and coders at Healthcare Revenue Services are diverse and are trained and experienced in a variety of different practices and specialties. I would very highly recommend this very professional team put together by Joseph Castranova who has been servicing the Medical industry for over 20 years. Thank you to the whole team at HRS and I look forward to many more years together.

  • Amazing company! Their staff is very professional and knowledgeable.

  • I have been a client of yours for 8 years now and your billing service is great! We are actually very financially secure since we gave you our in-house billing. The only suggestion I have is that your EHR (MediTouch) needs a little more robust reporting, other then that your EHR and billing service is top notch!

  • Amazing personalized Service. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff.

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