First of all, Medical Billing is our business for over 22 years and we have medical billing specialist.
In addition, Sunlife Solutions is different because we care about our partnerships with our providers. No matter how big or how small your practice is. Furthermore, everyone gets one on one personalized service at all times.
Finally, We are NOT a claims processing service! First of all, we are all Certified Medical Billers and Coders and Certified Practice Managers.
Our Practices are our partners. “What Does This Mean”? Sunlife Solutions always provides free training and free support to our clients! Also, When your practice hires new employees, we come to you and train them for free.
Every claim our agents submit gets personally scrubbed for possible errors and denials. Also, your medical billing specialist agent verifies insurance of the patient on every claim before it is submitted to the payers. Training and fine tuning your front desk staff is always at no charge.
Do we actually do collections? Answer, YES on every claim, every time, guaranteed.
The days of providers being left in the dark by their billing providers are gone. Our clients are logged into our system in real time and are able to see all aging. Especially relevant, they can run just about any type of report they want at anytime.
Above are just a few of the work ethics we have made as part of our foundation that Sunlife Solutions services are built upon. When Your Practice Succeeds, we all Succeed