Medical Billing Services

With a 98% first pass acceptance claim submission rate, processing nearly a half billion dollars in medical claims each year, Sunlife Solutions Revenue Cycle Management can improve your reimbursement rates by allowing:

· More accurate coding

· Improved capturing of charges

· Improved eligibility rate

· Under coding

· Over coding

· MRA scoring

· HETIS scoring

· PQRS reporting

· Industry updates daily

· Patient collections

· Non existant aging

As many payers are moving towards a fully-electronic reporting process, you’ll be able to take full advantage of MediTouch‘s extensive data reporting capabilities and drastically improve your insurance claims submission acceptance rate.

The Right Choice for Your Practice: Medical billing services

The financial health of a practice largely depends on the performance of the billing office. Increasing demands on providers with decreasing reimbursement requires health care offices to have highly skilled individuals for billing agents. Understanding of different types of medical insurance, the claims process, the appeals process, and the impact on the practice’s revenue gives the billing agent the tools to successfully optimize a practice’s revenue performance. All our billing agents are certified and with extensive knowledge, such as:

· Navigate through various insurance rules and regulations to reduce A/R days.

· Understand the nuances of various types of insurance carriers along with their claim requirements.

· Provide successful follow-up efforts for A/R including the appeals process for denied claims.

· Practice best practices for insurance and patient collections while maintaining excellent public relations.

· Reduce risks by understanding Fair Debt collection practices, professional courtesy regulations, clean claims and timely filing guidelines, Refund requirements, and other regulations.

· Use data and reports as indicators for potential improvement areas.

All Sunlife Solutions billing agents must complete 15 credits of CEUs per 6 months of employment and be certified in PQRS and Meaningful Use requirements. All our agents are certified in ICD-10 and CPB certifications. Our facility is actually the only AAPC Certified Training Facility in Miami Dade County.

Choosing the right company could mean the difference
between your success — and your failure

The fact is, that unless you thoroughly research a company before you invest with them, you could be throwing your hard earned money away. That’s right, you could be out of business even before you start!

In the past few years, the healthcare industry has gone through some big changes. Although many claims are filed electronically, there are many factors that cause claims to go unpaid and there are many reasons why providers still need our assistance.

One reason is that employers are moving toward high deductible health plans (HDHPs) to cut costs. There is also a new trend where consumers are moving to health savings accounts (HSAs). Both of these types of health plans require the patient to pay more out of pocket. That means providers must work harder at collecting their money. Sunlife Solutions advises the front desk at time of service amounts to collect before the patient leaves your office. Therefore, more money collected at the front desk.