Lots of things can interfere with productivity in a medical office. Whether it’s poor customer service, bad communication, misuse of technology, or workflow clogs, a medical office’s bottom line will eventually suffer if left unchecked.

Luckily, for as many symptoms of medical office inefficiency as you can identify, it’s usually a treatable condition. It’s important to be proactive though, as the steps you take now could make all the difference. And one of the best-known cures is practice management software.

For instance, if poor communication is hamstringing your medical office’s ability to thrive, it can impact everything from patient satisfaction to billing expediency. Robust medical practice management software streamlines communication, allowing doctors to directly interact with patients. Practice management software also ensures information is quickly and easily exchanged between your EMR, practice management system, clearinghouse, and patient portal.

The patient portal will give your medical office a huge boost, lessening the load on staff, since things such as prescription refills, appointments, test results, and other tasks that previously required phone calls can all be completed within it. It will also help improve the patient experience overall, which is another area where medical practice management software can assist.

Nobody likes waiting at a doctor’s office or filling out paper forms, for example, which can lead to everything from input errors to delayed appointments, to staff spending too much time entering data and scanning documents. Using a patient portal within a practice management system allows patients to enter their medical history and allergies ahead of the appointment, so the information is already registered in the system before they even arrive. It also reduces errors associated with paper forms, such as illegible handwriting, which improves the accuracy of information.

In terms of billing, medical practice management will allow staff to send out statements electronically through the patient portal, which will notify them via email whenever a new bill is due. Patients can then login and pay from within the portal via credit card. This process also eliminates the needless drain of resources and lags associated with paper billing.

As is the case with any new medical office software, there will be some initial training required and a slight learning curve to adjust to the new workflows. Motivating employees and encouraging them to see the true potential of their efficiency may be tricky, but there are many ways to go about that. Mapping workflows and resource usage, and showing employees just how much better their valuable time could be spent under new processes is one way. Soliciting ideas, providing incentives, and instilling confidence in their success can also prove effective. Whatever route you choose, once your staff understands how medical practice management software can make their lives easier, they should quickly adapt.

Beyond all these benefits, since cloud-based practice management software can be used just about anywhere, staff and doctors don’t need to be physically in the office to use it. This unique combination of attributes in a practice management system will help any medical office run much more efficiently. The difference will not only be reflected in the faces and online reviews of your patients, but also your practice’s bottom line.

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