It’s that time again for most providers to revalidate your CMS contracts.

Common Questions:

– What does CMS really want to know about physician practices to enroll?

– Why do physicians and practitioners have to concern themselves with multiple forms?

– What is this revalidation program?

– What if our group practice is a partnership of professional corporations?

– Why are these CMS 855 forms so long?

– Where can we obtain guidance on how to complete and file these forms?

– How long does it take to enroll a new physician at our clinic?

– Are non-physician practitioners treated different relative to the CMS-855 forms?

– Who should be updating and maintaining our CMS-855 forms at our clinic?

– Why are provider-based clinics different relative to the CMS-855-B?

– How does incident-to billing affect the CMS-855-B?

HRS Can Help You, Call Us:

– To understand the overall process of obtaining and maintaining billing privileges for Medicare

– To appreciate the CMS Form 855-B and the different variations of the CMS-855 forms.

– To review the data elements and information required for the CMS-855-B.

– To understand how the CMS 855-B relates to the other CMS-855 forms, particularly the CMS 855 –I and CMS 855-O.

– To appreciate differing requirements for free-standing and provider-based clinics.

– To recognize the need for CMS to gather appropriate information concerning ownership, management, and operations for billing purposes

– To recognize the need to develop organizational resources to maintain multiple CMS Form 855-B forms.

– To understand how the NPIs and other reporting requirements affect the CMS-855-B.

– To appreciate the use of PECOS for an Internet-based filing of the CMS-855 forms.

– To appreciate current and anticipated changes for maintaining billing privileges with Medicare.

– To work through several case studies involving different organizational structuring.

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