By: Renee Subaran

There are a plethora of objectives that factor into starting a Medical practice. Location is crucial as it paints the demographics for potential patients and revenue. As a Florida resident, I can tell you that this state has a large Senior population as many retire and come to the Sunshine state. Seniors are a target for the HealthCare industry as they have pre-existing medical conditions to monitor very closely.

Of all the states in the United States, Florida has the highest percentage of senior citizens, followed closely by Maine, West Virginia, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Montana, Delaware, Hawaii, Oregon and Arizona. However, as far as the absolute statistics are concerned, California still holds the record as having the largest actual number of elderly persons.

It’s only logical that America’s most densely populated states are also those having the greatest numbers of persons who are 65 years of age and older. Back in 1993, there were nine states who had over 9 million elderly people. California, of course, topped the list then too, with Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and New Jersey behind it. Intriguingly, the states with the biggest proportions of senior citizens were typically not the same as the states with the largest actual numbers of elderly.

Exceptions to this were Pennsylvania, where 16 percent were 65 years and above, and Florida, where 19 percent were elderly. Indeed, the younger generation’s migration patterns across the US have often been quite contrary to those seen in the older population.

The variations in each of the states’ age profiles are identified mainly by migration and fertility, especially since mortality rates are more or less uniform across the states. Furthermore, even though the southern states are considered alluring for people who are moving on to retirement, the Midwest and the Northeast states do have the highest percentages of elderly relative to their total populations.

Another important factor to consider when opening a practice is the population of Women and Children

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, more women in the western United States are having children, while the East and Northeast have lower birth rates. Indeed, cities in the western United States are well-represented among the metropolitan areas with the highest birth rates, as measured by the number of women of childbearing age who had births in 2010. Three metropolitan areas in Utah, as well as three in California and one in Nevada, are among those with the highest rates in the country, according to census estimates.

Race and ethnicity also are strongly linked to birth patterns. "Typically in a population where you see more African-Americans and Latinos, they tend to have children at younger ages and then that will increase the birth rate that way," says Zhenchao Qian, professor of sociology at Ohio State University. Starting to have kids at an early age means a longer window for childbearing, which can mean more children. Several cities with high concentrations of these minorities are among the cities with the highest birth rates: McAllen, Texas, has a large Hispanic population, and Memphis, Tenn., has a high concentration of African-Americans. Amongst the highest paid physicians according to a Medscape Survey are Urologist, Anesthesiologist, Cardiologist and Radiologist so choose your study as well as location wisely!

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